Modelling: The Joys of Sepia Wash!

I just wanted to post a quicky about sepia wash. This is currently GW Seraphim Sepia Shade, was previously GW Gryphonne Sepia Wash (which is what I’m currently using) and looking at the paint conversation chart, is similar/the same as Vallejo Game Colour Sepia Wash (73200). So this is all based on GW Gryphonne Sepia, but I’m assuming the others are basically the same.

The reason I like the sepia wash so much is its versatility. Generally I use it to ‘dirty’ things up – mud, rust, general weathering – but it’s also awesome with gold, shading on creams/Bleached Bone/Ushabti Bone etc.

Here are some examples, usually just a case of applying the wash as the last stage (although not for gold, see the painting gold tutorial on my links page).


Rusty metal

Tactical Objective Markers

This Tactical Objective marker has sepia on the vent and also on the base around it.


Wall - washed

Ork Building

Ork Building

The weathering on the wall is subtle, but much more obvious on the Ork building.


Avatar Gold

There’s a link to a gold painting tutorial on my links page.

Tactical Objective - Skulls

Howling Banshee

Howling Banshee

It’s not showing that well in the photo, but these skulls were finished with some sepia, after being painted and highlighted. The banshees were given a very quick coat of bleached bone, then just a wash – nothing else.

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