Modelling: Tactical Objective Markers

Tactical Objectives

I think it’s so much better to have some reasonable objective markers, rather than using dice, coins, poker chips etc. They look better, you can give them your own look and feel and they can add a little to the ‘fluff’ – e.g. it can be a radar/scanner that’s essential to control, rather than just a bland objective.

I’ve posted pictures of my first three markers, but now I’ve got some step by step photos of the next three markers.

1. Lay out the pieces on a bare stand to see how the finished marker will look.

Objective Marker

2. Glue everything in place and texture the base.

Objective Marker

3. Give the whole thing a black undercoat.

Objective Marker

4. Base coat – in this case the helmets and arm in blue and the skulls in light brown (I think this might have been a 50/50 mix of Bleached Bone and Snakebite Leather).

Objective Marker

5. Highlights – lighter blues and Bleached Bone.

Objective Marker

6. This is quite a simple one, so the final details were mostly washes and some more highlighting. Then painting the stand.

Tactical Objective - Skulls

That covers the basics, but taking each in turn –


I’ve described how this was painted above. To make it I made a couple of small mounds with modelling clay so I could press the helmets (original Rogue Trader plastic MkVI helmets) and skulls (from Hero Quest!) into them, to give them the appearance of being a little buried. I also filed the bottom of the helmets at a bit of an angle to make them appear a little deeper too. The arm is an old metal one (who knows what from!), so I just drilled out a small hole – presumably the armour has laid there for some time, but the previous occupant’s arm has long since perished, or been eaten!


Objective Marker

The hatch itself is from an old-school rhino, the silver thing is a dust cap from a car/bike tyre valve and the gold thing is at least in part an old Ork plasma cannon (back when they were still called plasma cannons!). The painting was fairly straight forward, using the gold technique linked here. A random transfer and a number 1 were added (the number 1 is so each objective marker can be identified) before being ‘dabbed’ with blue to give the appearance of being worn.


Objective Marker

This was made from whatever small boxes I had in my bits box, an old laspistol and some bombs (which I think are off a 1/72 scale Junker JU87 Stuka, or some similar aircraft model from my childhood!). I’ve added a couple of aquilas and a Roman numeral 2 (for marker identification).

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