Modelling: Magnetising Windriders

I’ve now got some more jetbikes, and I wanted to be able to swap the guns around. They all come with twin-linked shuriken catapults, shuriken cannons and scatter lasers, so I want to be able to easily swap these depending on my army list. I’ve also got a warlock/farseer, so I want to be able to swap heads and their right arm (singing spear or witchblade).

Windrider Magnetised

This has been pretty easy. All the guns attach easily with a little nubbin that’s the perfect size for my 2mm magnets. I just drilled out a hole on each gun and the jetbike’s chassis, and trimmed off a little of the nubbin and that’s it – swappable guns!

Windrider Magnetised

Windrider Magnetised

The farseer’s neck is also the perfect size for the magnets, so again just some simple drilling and I can easily swap between farseer and warlock.

Farseer Magnetised

Farseer Magnetised

Farseer Magnetised

The farseer’s arm was even easier – it’s such a snug fit that it doesn’t even need magnets. I can just swap them over without glue or magnets. Perfect!

So all in all, pretty easy. I just need to finish painting them now. I might post later once they’re finished.

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