Eldar: Biel-Tan Army

I’ve finally ‘finished’ my Biel-Tan Eldar army. I say ‘finished’ because obviously these things are never actually finished. I’ve still got some unpainted Scorpions, Rangers, Guardians and Dire Avengers, but for now, this is my complete army. I’m moving onto my Space Marines now, so I’ll get back to the unfinished stuff if I find I want to use them.

Eldar Biel-Tan

I prefer fluffy armies, which in this case for me means lots of different aspect warriors, and no spamming units. That’s why I’ve only got 4 Windriders and a Jetseer (and don’t expect to see a Wraithknight any time soon!). I much prefer a mix of different types of units, which Eldar lends itself to well with all the aspect warriors.

Eldar Biel-Tan

Avatar, Swooping Hawks and Windriders lurking in the background.

Eldar Biel-Tan

My ‘wraith host’ – the Wraithlord and Wraithguard, with a couple of Warlocks.

Eldar Biel-Tan

The Windriders, with War Walkers bringing up the rear. Dark Reapers are skulking just behind the jetbikes.

Eldar Biel-Tan

Dire Avengers, Howling Banshees and Guardians.

The jetbikes were the last to be finished. They’ve made a few guest appearances here when I’ve written about magnetising, but they’re finally finished! All weapons are magnetised, as is the Autarch/windrider body on the old jetbike, and the head of the farseer/warlock.



Farseer Skyrunner (with swappable head for a Warlock and arm for Witchblade/Singing Spear).

Autarch Skyrunner

The Autarch Skyrunner’s body can be swapped out for a standard Windrider, and the twin-linked shurikens for a shuriken cannon.

There’s a distinctly different painting style between the Autarch and the other jetbikes. I prefer the style on the majority, but not sure whether to re-paint the Autarch, or leave it so it stands out from the others. That works for an Autarch, but not when I swap the body for a standard Windrider! There’s no rush, might do something different with this one day…



I’ve already started my Stark Crusader army, but there’s a lot to do. Watch this space…

2 responses to “Eldar: Biel-Tan Army

  1. Very Nice, no doubt they will be kicking my arse in the next battle we have, if you get bored you could always paint my Tyranid army, only got a couple of hundred models…


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