Stark Crusaders: My First Stark

Merry Christmas! I wasn’t going to post for a little while, but I’ve made some progress on my Stark’s paint scheme, so here’s an update.

I’ve had some ideas on paint schemes, but before committing to painting any of my old Rogue Trader models, I’m using one of the snap-fit Tac Marines from the 2nd Ed box set.

So, back to basics – I got rid of the mold lines, added some scatter to the base and drilled out the gun barrel. It’s the first time I’ve drilled a barrel and it was surprisingly easy to do with a hand drill! These pics show the model has previously been undercoated white. That was many years ago, and I wanted to go black, so let’s just ignore that…

Stark Crusader

Stark Crusader

Undercoat with black primer.

Stark Crusader - Undercoat

Next I did a base coat of Dark Steel. This is a roughly 50/50 mix of black and Boltgun Metal. I got the idea from this video. Stupidly, I didn’t take a photo at this point!

Stark Crusader - Nuln Oil

The next step is a coat of Nuln Oil. I’m wondering at this point whether I could have just done a straight Boltgun Metal base coat, rather than ‘Dark Steel’. Might try that on another model.

Stark Crusader - Boltgun Metal

So that’s given some depth and shadow to the model, the next step is an ‘overbrush’ in Boltgun Metal. This is heavier than a drybrush, effectively giving the model a coat of Boltgun Metal, without getting into all the cracks, leaving the darker Nuln Oil in those parts. Sorry for the crappy photo, it was late so no natural light and I wanted to crack on with the next coat! It doesn’t show a fair comparison of colours.

Stark Crusader - Mithril Silver

Finally, a highlight of Mithril Silver (or whatever GW are calling it today). This is quite heavy, as it goes on quite nicely over the Boltgun Metal – you can’t see the transition from one colour to the next.

Stark Crusader - Red

That’s the main armour colour sorted, next is the red. Red is the chapter’s secondary colour (tying them in to their friends the Ad Mech, back on Mars!) and I want to do the knees, helmet, parts of the backpack and the guns with this. I started with Red Gore (Wazdakka Red in new money), a quite dark red, then washed with Carroburg Crimson, then an overbrush of Blood Red (Evil Sunz Scarlet). In places I then followed up with another highlight in Blood Red, for example on the edges of the gun, to make it stand out a little more. It looks okay, but I think I might start with a lighter red as the base coat, maybe Mephiston Red. The wash is enough to darken it down before the Blood Red highlight. It also needs more red on the backpack, as the model is too bland from behind.

Stark Crusader - Eyes

Now the eyes. I wanted a contrasting colour here, so have gone for green. Dark green (Coat D’Arms Dark Elf Green) first, then Snot Green on the front half of the eye, then a touch of Scorpion Green right at the very front. Finally, a white dot at the back of the lens. It’s the first time I’ve gone to this level with eyes, and I’m pretty pleased. Not sure if I’ll be able to keep that up over 70+ models though!

For the rest of the model, I’ve done the skull on the helmet (brown, then Bleached Bone, then a touch of a white highlight), a gold aquila on the bolter (gold, then a sepia wash, before a gold highlight), edge highlighted the bolter’s black parts with grey and trimmed the shoulder pads in green.

Stark Crusader

My plan was to have different colour shoulder trims for Tactical, Devastator and Assault squads. But now I’ve done one in green (the others were going to be blue and yellow), I don’t think it works with the red and silver. I’m now thinking of doing the shoulders black, with the trim in the same silver as the rest of the armour. There’ll be no difference between squad types.

Overall, I’m happy with the colour scheme, just want to add more red to the backpack and change the shoulders. I then need to figure out what symbols I’ll use on the shoulders, and whether to use transfers or green stuff. I’m tempted with green stuff, but need a design first! Might need to add something to a knee as well.

Stark Crusader

Stark Crusader


And as promised, here’s the next installment in my Stark Crusader fluff – my Chaplain.

Chaplain Merak Khamsin

Chaplain Merak Khamsin

Khamsin saw the monstrous ork towering over the prone Stratos and instantly reacted. He saw it all too late to prevent the ork striking, but seconds later was leaping through the air, screaming incantations of war. As he descended like a hammer from the gods, plasma spewed forth from his pistol and his weapon of office, the ancient crozius, swung down from overhead tearing into the back of the ork’s armour. This strike, suddenly leaping through the air like an airbourne storm of death, had become Khamsin’s trademark attack, so often had he appeared as if from nowhere, at a critical point in the fighting.

The impact of the blow forced the cumbersome ork to the ground, where Khamsin stood atop him, still bellowing incantations, amplified by his helmet – a bone white skull designed to strike fear into those facing him in battle. Whilst pumping searing plasma into the back of the ork’s armour, the Stark Crusader chaplain crushed the life out of the ork with repeated blows with his crozius to the xenos’s green head.

The encounter lasted only seconds before the ork was still. Khamsin glanced at the remains of the young sergeant. He was a bloody mess – limbs clearly dislocated and broken in many places, his face and head smashed – but there was still life there. Thalius was close behind, and Khamsin had seen the apothecary work miracles replacing weak flesh with metal augmetics. The sergeant would fight again and would be stronger than ever before.

Merak Khamsin had overseen the spiritual guidance of the 3rd company for centuries, and had seen every living Stark in the 3rd go through selection, training and battle. Many he had seen butchered in war, only to rise like mechanical Phoenixes after being patched up, augmented with metal, and implanted with bionics. Across centuries of war he’d seen Astartes in worse shape than Stratos fight again, but not much worse. This had been the bloodiest and harshest war the chaplain had seen in centuries. Not since the war against the vicious tyranid monsters swarming the cold worlds of Handolax had Khamsin seen such huge losses. That war had been a victory and the system had been cleansed of the filthy xenos, but at great cost. He was confident the war here on Ska’garath IV would end victoriously also, but the company would need time to recover. His skills in guiding the chapter’s spiritual wellbeing would be greatly tested in the following months.

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