Modelling: Plasma Generators

Plasma Generators

These are my plasma generators. They were really easy to make, so I’ll go through a quick step by step guide.

1. Have a work colleague who’s celebrating a 40th birthday by bringing in lots of eclairs and doughnuts. Specifically, 4 packs of eclairs from Asda.

2. Eat 4 eclairs (sharing is not recommended). OM-NOM-NOM!!

3. Now separate the top and bottom of the packaging and remove any labels. I’ve used the bottom, but the top has potential too. Just cover over any tell-tale markings (e.g. the recycling symbol is embossed, so needed a little green stuff to cover it).


4. Cut a piece of hardboard (I use 3mm) to give a base, with enough space around the edges to place models. Super glue the eclair packaging to the hardboard. Add sand to the base with PVA glue. You’ve just made your plasma generators!

Plasma Generators

5. Undercoat in black. Sand really eats up the paint, so this took a few coats. Also, the sand didn’t really cover the sharp edges of the eclair packaging very well and this didn’t become obvious until after undercoating. I added more sand and brush painted it black afterwards.

Plasma Generators

6. Now it’s just a case of painting them up to your preference. I’ve used the ribs round the sides as the ‘plasma cores’ (or whatever a plasma generator has!), so they’re a ‘glowing’ blue. I did a dark blue (GW Regal Blue) base coat including between the ribs (already started in the pic above), then a coat of Marine Blue (I used Coat D’Arms, but it’s basically Ultramarine Blue) over the ribs, but not the recesses in between. I then tried a Drankenhof Nightshade wash, with the intention of another Marine Blue coat, but the wash made no difference at all! I actually only applied it to one of the four generators and you can’t even tell the difference! Then there’s a drybrush highlight of light blue (GW Ice Blue). I made this especially heavier on the ‘shoulder’ of the ribs (okay, I’m just naming body parts now!).

The body (more anatomy) of the genny I wanted to leave black, with the embossed trim on top gold, and the panels within those silver. This left quite a lot of black, so my options were to go for a completely different colour (maybe paint the whole thing silver); highlight it, especially on the shoulders, with greys; or try to get the feeling of the plasma power – so I went with the latter and tried having the lightest blue glowing/emanating from within by drybrushing it over the corners of the generators. How’s it look?

Plasma Generators

Plasma Generators

If you’re wondering about the weird green bit on top of one of the generators, it’s where I applied green stuff to cover some of the embossed symbols on the packaging and after painting it all looked pretty uneven. I decided to use that as a generator core that’s starting to fail/rupture, so I stuck some green wash over it to make it look like something bad is starting to happen!

Oh, and to finish it off, I used my standard terrain basing.

If you’re lucky, when you get close to the plasma generators, you’ll still be able to smell the sugary goodness of jam!

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