Stark Crusaders: Second Attempt

Just a quick one here. I’ve had a second go at a colour scheme for my Starks.

This one started with a pure bolter metal base coat (rather than ‘dark steel’), and then a Nuln Oil wash, a bolter metal overbrush and a mithril silver highlight, as with the first. I can’t see the difference between using dark steel and not, so I’m not going to spend time mixing the paint! Bolter metal base coat it is.

The red has been done the same way, but extends further over the back of the backpack.

The shoulders now have a silver trim (the same as the majority of the armour) and are mostly black. Still need to figure out what to do with the shoulders. I need a chapter icon for the left shoulder – probably some kind of Crusade type cross made from green stuff, and either a unit identifier, or a company identifier on the right.

Everything else is pretty much the same.

Here’s number one and two side by side (the first one on the left).

Stark Crusaders

Stark Crusaders

I’ve done the base on both now. After a quick test run on a spare base my colours are (on top of the black primer), a solid coat of Barbarian Brown (although it’s okay if spots of black are still there in the gaps), then a drybrush of Celestra Grey to make it look dusty, then a drybrush of Bilious Brown and finally a fairly light drybrush of Bleached Bone. The rim is painted in Barbarian Brown.

Interestingly I think the base on the second one looks much better. This used sand rather than flock/scatter. Sand’s also a little easier to paint.

And now for some more fluff…

Apothecary Orsi Thalius


 Cages rattled all around as they walked between floor to ceiling banks of them on each side of the long room. The beasts they contained clawed at their reinforced prisons as they cried, screeched and growled in anger. Stratos didn’t recognise the majority of the creatures, ranging in size from a few inches in length, to bigger than an Astartes, some with scales, others with leathery skin, some with four or six legs, others with wings, others still were serpent-like. He didn’t approve of the apothecary’s ‘collection’. Keeping all these alien lifeforms seemed to be borderline heresy to him, but Thalius was adamant that it was essential for his experiments in augmetics. Orsi Thalius was the greatest apothecary Stratos had ever known. His ability to re-build an Astartes, augmenting their genetically enhanced bodies with bionics after massive battlefield injuries, was astounding. But the experiments conducted in the sub-level to the medicae deck was the price of his genius. Thalius used the various xenos creatures as test subjects, constantly trying new augmentics, drugs and techniques to hone his skills without risk to his brother Starks.

 Thalius paused at the end of the room, a locked door in front of them, and turned to Stratos. “Orsi, what have you brought me down here for?”, barked the Captain, “You know my feelings on your pets”.
 The apothecary’s eyes were wide – excited, manic even, certainly oblivious to his Captain’s frustration – as he explained that behind the door is what he wanted the Captain to see. He unlocked the heavy door and pushed it open to reveal a small room with a single large cage in the middle. Within the cage lay a large, bright red, thick-skinned beast. It appeared to be sleeping. Or dead. It was about a metre across and almost perfectly spherical. Stratos could just about make out what appeared to be two thick hind legs, two thin, stunted front claws, and a face. Most of the features were tiny – two small closed eyes, two tiny holes like nostrils, two tiny flaps on the sides, maybe ears – but the mouth was huge. It was almost the entire width of the beast.

 Thalius rattled the cage and instantly the beast was awake, up on its feet and clearly agitated. It jumped straight at the apothecary, banging against the bars, mouth now wide open. It’s gaping maw was about half the size of the entire creature and filled with rows and rows of dozens of huge, razor sharp teeth. It clawed and bit furiously at the cage, trying to escape, stinking yellow saliva flying everywhere. It became clear just what those yellow stains on Thalius’s tabard were.

 ”What is this beast Thalius? What is it, why do you have it, and why are you showing it to me?”
 Stratos’s frustration was increasing to the point of anger. Thalius continued to be oblivious to Stratos’s mood and explained to Stratos that, despite it’s red hide, it’s DNA was essentially Ork in nature. The beast was known as a squig, and the greenskins used them for a variety of tasks. This one, one of the largest, was a fighter. As far as Thalius could tell, there was no training given, it just naturally wanted to attack and kill anything that wasn’t Ork in nature. Thalius had found this one after the Starks’ latest encounter with the greenskins. It was injured and almost lifeless, so he captured it and brought it back with him to examine.

 Stratos didn’t like having so many xenos contained within the Starks’ frigate. If there were any problems, the beasts could escape and run rampant across the ship. It was an unnecessary risk.
 ”Why is the beast on my ship?” shouted the Captain, over the noise of the squig trying to gnaw through the cage.
 ”It’s incredible Captain, the metabolism is unbelievable.” beamed the apothecary, “when I captured this, just three weeks ago, it was almost dead. I was going to perform an autopsy on it, but after just a few days it had made a massive recovery. Within ten days, it appeared to be back to full fitness.”
 Stratos didn’t see the relevance. “So you’ve now got a full strength Ork beast. What are we going to do with it now?”.
 Thalius’s mood dipped for the first time, no one understood his experiments or the importance of them. He knew they talked about him. His brothers said he was crazy, always messing about with alien creatures. But he’d also saved most of their lives at some point and he knew they respected him greatly for that. It’s why he could continue without too many questions. “If we can isolate what allows the creature to regenerate so quickly, I can use that to help new augmetics be accepted more quickly in Astartes”.
 ”Using Ork DNA in Astartes?” suddenly Stratos was calm. “Not under my command!”. Stratos quickly pulled his bolt pistol, aimed between the bars, and fired three shots in quick succession directly between the eyes of the beast.

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