Stark Crusaders: Librarius Conclave

These are my librarians. They’re all old Rogue Trader models. When I cut the tabs off that were between their feet, the dates were all around 1989.

Stark Crusader Librarians

This is how they started out…

Blood Angels Librarians

And stripped and re-based…

Librarians - Stripped

And the final models…

Epistolary Librarian Idris Astura

Lexicanium Librarian Augusta

Codicer Librarian Ardea

And this is the fluff for them…


It always started as a prickling sensation in his head, like his brain had pins and needles. It didn’t hurt, it wasn’t even that uncomfortable, but it was quite disconcerting to know that someone else was inside his head, especially someone as powerful as Idris Astura. Augusta trusted his mentor implicitly, but that didn’t make the sensation any easier to deal with. He knew what was next, the prickling would grow and change and become an increasing pressure inside his head, like someone’s fingers were kneading his doughy brain.

Augusta and Ardea were being trained by Astura. Captain Stratos wanted them available as a powerful battlefield weapon and Astura knew what was required. He was training them to pool their psychic force into a symbiotic relationship, allowing more powerful and tactically flexible attacks. Idris Astura wasn’t the most powerful Stark psyker, the Starks’ mysterious Chief Librarian held that title, but his powers and control of those powers still made him one of the most powerful psykers the chapter had ever had. Ardea was only a little more experienced that Augusta, and they worked well together. Combined with Astura’s greater experience, they were a formidable force.

Augusta wasn’t new to the Librarius, but could still remember his first time there like it was yesterday. He’d been an Astartes long enough to not clearly remember anything before, and for a long time something always seemed…off. He was a good warrior, but he knew he wasn’t outstanding compared to some of his brothers, yet in the training cages he often bested men he knew were better than him at armed combat. He could feel a blow coming before his opponent started to swing, giving him time to dodge or parry it and strike a winning blow. It happened enough that it wasn’t just good luck. He’d been able to tell when the enemy were lurking in an abandoned building, or lying in wait over the next crest. But how he knew was always a mystery.

It was Astura that spotted his ability. One day, as he was leaving the training cages after another hard to explain win, Astura was waiting for him. He knew who the veteran epistolary was, but they’d never met before. He had a presence, a gravitas, the kind of person that you listened to without knowing why. When Augusta was told they were going to the Librarius, he tried to explain that he was needed by his sergeant, but Astura insisted. Despite Astura having no direct authority over Augusta, he was compelling enough that he obeyed without further question. When Astura explained that everything had been cleared with his superiors, there was nothing to support this, yet it was believed without question. As it turned out, it was true. Augusta would learn that the Librarius had a lot of influence within the chapter.

Within the hour Augusta was taken to places within the Starks’ fortress monastery he didn’t know existed. Miles beneath the surface of the Starks’ home planet Phedra, was the Librarius Monastery. A dark, cavernous space with many small corridors and ante-rooms, the Librarius became Augusta’s home. Over the following months Augusta was tested mentally and physically, largely in isolation. For weeks, the only person he saw was Astura. There was standard combat training, a continuation of what he would normally do with his battle brothers, but now there was brutal mental training, punishing psychological tests, and all with little explanation. Augusta had quickly realised all his unexplained feelings and abilities must have been psychic, and he was being tested and trained, but he was never told what the tests were, or what they were for. Until one morning, without warning, Astura introduced Augusta to Ardea. Augusta was to be formally inducted into the Librarius as a lexicanium, a low level but fully-fledged librarian of the chapter. Ardea was a codicer, a little more experienced in the powers of the warp than Augusta. They were partnered together for training and learnt quickly together.

And now they were combining their powers and training to full effect. As the pressure in his head grew, Augusta became acutely aware of the dangers. Despite the relative safety of the Librarius, he could feel the tug of the warp, the influence of Chaos just on the very edge of his perception. It took the combined efforts of all three librarians to keep the Chaos forces at bay, whilst still manifesting the psychic storm of electrical energy they would ultimately use in the theatre of battle. Their combination of minds allowed both Augusta and Ardea to control and manifest powers otherwise only someone of Astura’s vast experience could manage. This would become a powerful tool against the myriad xenos foes they would encounter. Captain Stratos would be most pleased with their progress.