Stark Crusaders: Command Squad

It’s been a while since my last post, thanks to ‘real life’ getting in the way, but my Command Squad is here (minus one Apothecary – he’ll be coming soon).

Command Squad

Three of them are 80s mono-pose models, then the guy with the power fist is an old devastator sergeant. Why would I want my dev sergeant to have a power fist? Very odd choice, so I’ve re-purposed him as a Command Squad veteran. I’ve given him a bolt pistol from the current tactical squad, but other than that, these guys are pretty standard. Not a lot of choice with solid metal minis! It gives me a probably inefficient, but nicely varied weapon load out – one chainsword, two power swords and a powerfist, and three bolt pistols and one plasma pistol.

Command Squad

Command Squad

Command Squad

Command Squad

The Apothecary is almost done, so you should see him here soon. That’ll give me the full Command Squad and the Chaplain – just need the Razorback for a full Reclusiam Command Squad then (but the Razorback will be a while yet…).

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