Stark Crusaders: Current Workbench

I’ve not completed anything in a while (except HeroQuest models – keep reading!), so I thought this week I’d give a little roundup of what’s going on on my workbench, and what I’m going to be working on in the next few weeks.

So first off, I got a supply drop of lovely LED components. 300 LEDs, 300 resistors, batteries, switches, prototype boards and a breadboard.

LED Components

And these are going to be used to illuminate various things, but starting with my rhino. Unfortunately, this means the rhino needed to be disassembled in order to run the wires, drill holes etc.

Rogue Trader Rhino

This will then need priming before adding the LEDs, so won’t be assembled until after priming. It’s getting ‘quad headlights’ (like some boy-racer!) and another 4 are going on the back. I’m going to magnetise the back door so I can open it up to flick the on switch and to change the battery. Hopefully this will get primed this weekend, depending on the weather. Then I can go about wiring him up and getting him re-assembled.

Next on the bench is my tactical squad. These are the new guys that I’ve had built for a while. They’re just getting base coats on at the moment. These are my main focus at the moment, but it takes me a surprisingly long time to paint 10 guys!

Tactical Squad

I’ve also got my classic Rogue Trader tac squad built and primed. These will have to sit on the back-burner a while though. I don’t want to end up with an army of tac squads and nothing else.

Rogue Trader Tactical Squad

So that means next in the list are my missile launcher toting devastator squad.

Devastator Squad

And to follow on from my last post, here are my finished HeroQuest characters. I’ve no plans on painting any more HeroQuest minis though. There are just too many, and I’ve got too many other things to do first!!


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