Stark Crusaders: Rhino/Razorback/Predator

This one’s been on the go for a while. I just needed to get some of the options – like the pintle-mounted storm bolter and hunter killer missile – finished off.


Both side sponsons, the guns on the sponsons, the turret/gun/top hatch and the storm bolter are all magnetised. And the radar/hunter killer missile atop the turret are held in place with a pin. This means I can swap out everything and change this between a Predator, Razorback or Rhino. I have the autocannon and heavy bolters for the Predator magnetised, but not painted up. If I find I want to use them, I’ll get them painted.

Predator with 4 lascannons and hunter killer missile

Razorback with 2 lascannons and radar

Rhino with pintle-mounter storm bolter

The hunter killer missile –

And I’ve called the tank Invictus – Latin for ‘unconquered’ or ‘invincible’ – after some pretty good showings in a few games. Let’s see how it holds up in 8th ed!

Oh, and to see more on the magnetising, look here.


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