These are some links to some handy forums, tutorials, guides etc, etc. that I find useful – you might too!

Find me on DakkaDakka, username Whittlesey40k, or just join in the great community here. You’ll find loads of stuff on rules, background, painting and modelling etc. This is my fave 40k site!

This handy Paint Conversion Chart matches the old GW, new GW, Vallejo and Coat D’Arms colours. I use a mix of GW (old and new) and Coat D’Arms, with only the occasional Vallejo, so this is useful for me if I need to match across brands. It’s not perfect, but pretty handy!

The is a handy reference showing where you can find all the different 40k formations and units for each faction.

Painting and Modelling Tutorials

A simple weathering tutorial, for making metals look old and worn.

A useful tutorial on painting rocks.

A great tutorial on painting bases, with a nice summary of different colours and styles for bases.

Painting Video Tutorials

A pretty good video on how to drybrush.

This is a video on painting Blood Angel Sanguinary Guard. Not sure on the overall result, but is pretty good for generally painting gold.

This is where I got the basis for my Stark’s armour. It’s actually for painting Iron Warrior Chaos Marines, but the technique is good for any similar silver models.

Scorched Barrels – I’ve never quite got mine to look like these, but a handy reference anyway!

Videos by the mighty Duncan

These are some of my favourite GW videos, by the legend that is Duncan.

Painting Cadian Shock Troops – really good for the painting basics – thinning, basecoat, wash, layer, highlights.

Painting Force Weapons

Using GW’s Blood for the Blood God


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